Topsham Sailing - 22nd August 2017

Gusty winds and beautiful skies on the Exe this evening.
DSC08951 DSC08953 DSC08955 DSC08956
DSC08960 DSC08961 DSC08966 DSC08969
DSC08981 DSC08983 DSCF9461 DSCF9462
DSCF9463 DSCF9465 DSCF9469 DSCF9470
DSCF9479 DSCF9481 DSCF9485 DSCF9487
DSCF9488 DSCF9490 DSCF9491 DSCF9494
DSCF9495 DSCF9498 DSCF9501 DSCF9505
DSCF9511 DSCF9512 DSCF9513 DSCF9520
DSCF9527 DSCF9530 DSCF9533 DSCF9534
DSCF9538 DSCF9542 DSCF9543 DSCF9545
DSCF9548 DSCF9550 DSCF9552 DSCF9553
DSCF9556 DSCF9558 DSCF9559 DSCF9567
DSCF9573 DSCF9588 DSCF9590 DSCF9596
DSCF9602 DSCF9605 DSCF9607 DSCF9612
DSCF9614 DSCF9619 DSCF9620 DSCF9621
DSCF9627 DSCF9628 DSCF9629 DSCF9631
DSCF9632 DSCF9638 DSCF9640 DSCF9641
DSCF9642 DSCF9644 DSCF9648 DSCF9651
DSCF9652 DSCF9654 DSCF9656 DSCF9659
DSCF9661 thumb