Topsham Sailing - 7th September 2017

A late finish with some light rain at the end of the last of the evening races for 2017.
DSCF0459 DSCF0461 DSCF0463 DSCF0464
DSCF0466 DSCF0471 DSCF0472 DSCF0473
DSCF0475 DSCF0476 DSCF0477 DSCF0480
DSCF0481 DSCF0482 DSCF0485 DSCF0486
DSCF0488 DSCF0490 DSCF0492 DSCF0493
DSCF0498 DSCF0499 DSCF0500 DSCF0501
DSCF0502 DSCF0504 DSCF0505 DSCF0506
DSCF0508 DSCF0509 DSCF0512 DSCF0513
DSCF0515 DSCF0518 DSCF0522 DSCF0531
DSCF0534 DSCF0535 DSCF0537 DSCF0538
DSCF0540 DSCF0541 DSCF0542 DSCF0543
DSCF0545 DSCF0546 DSCF0547 DSCF0548
DSCF0549 DSCF0550 DSCF0551 DSCF0552
DSCF0553 DSCF0556 DSCF0557 DSCF0558
DSCF0559 DSCF0562 DSCF0563 DSCF0564
DSCF0565 DSCF0567 DSCF0568 DSCF0569
DSCF0570 DSCF0573 DSCF0575 DSCF0576
DSCF0579 DSCF0580 DSCF0582 DSCF0583
DSCF0585 DSCF0586 DSCF0587 DSCF0588